CEO Kari Mattila

Consultant and entrepreneur.
Mattila began to show an interest in business.
and work life at the age of 13.
First investment was a computer.
Even earlier he has started to invest on stocks.

Mattila went to Oulu University of Applied Sciences 1996.
Mattila graduate to BBA in 2000.
Year 2004 Mattila went to University of Oulu
and 2007 graduate to Master of Science
(Economics and Business Administration)

Before starting own business at 2007
Mattila has worked as a market supervisor,
buyer, material manager, business manager
and CEO.

Mattila is interested in personal development,
busines starategies and wealth building.
Sports play big role in his everyday life.
Mattila has focus on other aspects of his life too.
In 2000, he married Leena Hakala.
The couple has three children together.

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